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Poolville Elementary

Howdy Monarch Faithful.

In 2020-2021, Poolville Elementary School will partner with parents, students, and its talented teaching team to emphasize self-knowing and honoring who you are, learning to set challenging but achievable goals, and in retrospect, regularly examining the path you have taken to achieve prior success.

Our holistic learning approach will honor life experience, both achievements and areas not yet mastered, with a focus on both what went well and what didn’t go as planned.

Poolville Elementary School believes that learning is in everything we do and self-reflection is the key to understanding yourself and becoming a happy, successful, and high-achieving life-long learner.

Our approach will utilize cooperative planning, intense preparation, and structured educational practice to produce more and more student praise opportunities!

Together we will achieve MORE in 2020-2021!

Please join us for the first day of face-to-face instruction on August 19th. Additionally, please join us is saying....."Ring that bell!"


- Jason Cheslock

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17 hours ago

Poolville Elementary

Dear Monarch Friends and Families:

Athletics played a pivotal role in my childhood. Sports served like a “superglue” that bound us together. My siblings and I are extremely close in age. As such, it wasn’t uncommon to play on the same or a competing team to one of your kin. This inevitably produced competition and conflict.

To ease the pain and silence the suffering, my father’s favorite quote after we departed the respective field was:

“Now son, just because you rang your brother’s bell….it doesn’t give you the right to toot your own horn.”

Publicly, we honored my father’s words. Privately, we all chased the opportunity to ring a sibling’s bell.

So...what does this have to do with Poolville Elementary School? Nothing really….nothing except for the “bell”! We have been exposed to the sound of bells ringing from a young age. Most of us are familiar with doorbells, but there are different types of bells out there.

To help kick the 2020-2021 school year off right, I asked my three sons (Michael, Griffin, and Dawson) to furnish a list of their favorite bells. Here is what I received.

10. Cow Bells -- because they are carnivores and like hamburgers
9. Dinner Bells -- because they eat us out of house and home
8. ‘Bell’ bottom pants -- because fashion is so cyclical
7. Dumbbells -- because they consider themselves “ripped beasts”
6. Southern Belles -- they just giggled when I asked why
5. Taco Bells -- because they love to ‘grub’
4. Christmas Bells -- because they love celebrating the season
3. Church Bells -- because they need all of the help and guidance they can get
2. MMA or Boxing Bells -- because it gives them an excuse to go nuts, and
1. School Bells -- because they thought I would get mad if they didn’t put this one as the most important.

I suppose this is a lengthy way of saying that there are a lot of important bells in our life. One of the most important bells that impacts the future of every Monarch in Poolville will ring at 7:50 AM on August 19th.

We can’t wait!

At Poolville Elementary School, we are PROUD to work hard for you as well as with you! We are all “Mighty Monarchs”! We are all…..one herd….one pride…...one group…..one TEAM….and one FAMILY!

Together we can change the WORLD for our CHILDREN.

At Poolville, you and your children MATTER!

You are our FAMILY!

We can’t wait to see you at school in the Fall!


Jason Cheslock

#RingThatBell #DidSomeoneSayTacoBell #4TheKids
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